Dental Cleanings in Blairsville, PA

The providers at East Market Family Dental in Indiana and Blairsville pride themselves on promoting the prevention of tooth and gum disease with thorough pain-free cleanings. Let’s discuss what to expect when coming to your cleaning appointment.

The hygienist will begin the exam with a detailed review of what to expect during your appointment. If you are a new patient to our practice, we take our time getting to know you and your mouth during this time. The hygienist will be observing your gum tissues, bone levels, and amount of plaque and tartar on your teeth. During this initial check, she is devising a personalized plan to get your mouth as clean as possible during this appointment.

Professional Cleaning

Most of the time, this personalized plan involves a routine cleaning. Our hygienists strive to perform this cleaning in a very pain-free manner. Each surface of every tooth is cleaned, and any food or drink stains will be completely removed. We encourage our patients to have this service completed every six months to keep your teeth and gum tissues as healthy as possible.

Gum Disease and Deep Cleaning

If the hygienist observes a significant amount of plaque or tartar or identifies the beginning of bone loss in the patient, she will recommend a deeper cleaning. In patients with tartar or bone loss, it is impossible to thoroughly clean all tooth surfaces without the comfort a local anesthetic.

Let’s talk about bone loss around teeth. Bacteria that is allowed to sit in between the teeth for long periods of time causes the bone to recede away from it. Too much bone loss can result in your teeth becoming loose and eventually unstable. A more in-depth cleaning is required to get rid of all the bacteria that is causing your bone to recede.

Prevention of gum disease is key, so our hygienist will take her time thoroughly explaining to you personalized techniques you can use at home to keep your mouth as clean and healthy as possible.

Following a cleaning with your child, our hygienist will recommend a fluoride treatment. Fluoride has been shown to be incorporated into teeth, making them harder and more resistant to cavities in the future. We have many flavors and colors, making it a fun experience for your child. 

Please Call to Schedule Your Cleaning!

If you are ready to make an appointment for your next cleaning, please call our Blairsville, PA dental office at (724) 459-5640 to arrange an appointment. We are open six days a week at 8 AM for your scheduling convenience.

Dental Cleanings FAQ's

Will my cleaning hurt?

Our hygienists pride themselves in doing every cleaning in a pain-free manner.

How often will my insurance cover cleanings?

Although every dental insurance is different, the majority of dental insurances cover two cleanings per year (once every six months).

Can I refuse the fluoride treatment for my child?

Absolutely. At our practice, the parent is always in complete control of their child’s appointments. Nothing will be completed without permission from the parent. Keep in mind, however, that all levels of fluoride in our office are extremely safe and can prevent problems for your child’s teeth in the future.