Emergency Treatment

Emergencies in your mouth happen, and often at very inconvenient times. At East Market Family Dental, we accommodate all of the emergencies in our practice as soon as possible. We do not like to see you in pain and try to relieve your pain as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We have shared some of the most common emergencies we see at our office, along with tips on how to handle them.

Tooth Pain or Infection

Tooth pain can occur when the nerve of a tooth becomes infected or inflamed. As a result, swelling may occur and can sometimes progress quickly. If you have any swelling, contact our office immediately for an appointment before the infection spreads.

If you ever have swelling that is approaching the eye or affecting your swallowing or breathing, and you cannot reach our office, go immediately to the emergency room.

Infection can spread quickly and needs to be controlled before creating a more dangerous emergency situation.

Fractured, Chipped, Displaced Teeth

If you have fractured or chipped one of your teeth, collect as many pieces of the tooth as possible and call our office to set up an appointment. Sometimes the nerve of the tooth is exposed when it fractures, and treatment will be recommended to prevent the tooth from becoming infected.

Fractured teeth can be fixed with esthetic white fillings, veneers, or crowns. At that time, our doctors will give you several options to replace the missing tooth structure.

If you have a tooth knocked out, collect the tooth if possible and place it in milk before coming to office. Timing is critical when you have a tooth displaced - the quicker our dentists can re-insert the tooth, the greater the possibility of keeping the tooth long term.

Gum Or Cheek Injuries

If you cut your gum and cheek, bleeding will often occur. Control the bleeding by placing pressure on the wound. After you control the bleeding, immediately contact our office for an evaluation. If bleeding is uncontrollable, directly go to the nearest emergency room.

Emergency Prevention

The best way to treat an emergency is to prevent one from happening. Dental emergencies can be not only painful but also costly if an emergency room visit is involved. Keeping your six-month cleaning and exam appointments allows our doctors to identify potential problem areas and resolve them before they create an emergency.

Whether a new or existing patient, if you experience any of the above emergencies, contact our office as soon as possible to have the situation assessed by our doctors. Getting you out of pain and comfortable is our immediate concern!