Partial Dentures

Our team at East Market Family Dental works hard to keep your mouth healthy and prevent tooth loss. When tooth loss occurs, however, we offer several options to replace missing teeth to have you chewing and smiling in no time!

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is used to replace teeth when you have remaining teeth you want to keep. Partials latch onto the remaining teeth with tiny clasps that help secure the appliance when you eat and speak.

At our office, we offer two types of partials - metal and Valplast.

Metal partials are typically stronger and more durable. Esthetic pink acrylic is layered on top of the metal to mimic gum tissue, and artificial teeth are then added for function and appearance. Because metal is very strong, this type of partial can often be made thinner and is less noticeable while eating and speaking.

Valplast partials are named after the material from which the base is made. Valplast is a biocompatible nylon and plastic that is very flexible and comfortable for the patient. Although Valplast partials need to be slightly thicker than metal ones, they are very durable.

Dentures Secured with Dental Implants

Sometimes, a patient does not have enough remaining bone and gum tissue to keep the denture secure while eating and speaking. Also, patients can have a difficult time getting used to a lower denture because the tongue continually pushes them around. In this instance, the patient may be a candidate for dental implants. 

Following placement of dental implants, the denture can be attached to them and secured in place. Dentures held in with implants make eating and speaking easier and can drastically improve the patient’s quality of life. 

Please call our Blairsville, PA dental office if you are interested in learning more about our customized esthetic dentures.

Partial Dentures FAQ

I have had a partial in the past that has been painful to wear. Will my new partial or denture be painful?

Normal fitting partials and dentures should not be painful to the patient. Often, minor adjustments need to be made to prevent soreness while wearing the denture. Our dentists provide unlimited adjustments to our patients to make sure their dentures fit comfortably.

What material will my partial be made from?  

We currently make two types of partials.  The first material is called "Valplast."  This flexible nylon is the color of gum tissue and flexes as it fits around your teeth and gum tissue.  The second type of material is cast metal.  Cast metal is slightly thinner than valplast and can more durable as well.  Sometimes, however, patients prefer the feeling of valplast in their mouths as opposed to metal.