Root Canals

At East Market Family Dental, we strive to prevent tooth loss in all of our patients.  Root canal therapy allows us to clear an active infection from a tooth and save it from being it extracted.  Our doctors do many root canals in office and does so in a comfortable and pain-free manner.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Root canals are needed when the internal nerve of your tooth is exposed by a cavity or tooth fracture. When this occurs, the bacteria fill the nerve space and have to be removed. It is crucial for you to realize that once the nerve of the tooth is infected or exposed, a root canal is mandatory if you want to keep the tooth. 

What Does Root Canal Therapy Involve?

Once infected, the nerve tissue of the tooth needs to be removed. Our doctors use modern technology to complete this process.  He uses rotary instrumentation that makes the process go smoother and faster than more traditional ways of completing root canals. You will remain numb and very comfortable while he removes the infected tissue.

There are many misconceptions today when someone hears the word “root canal.” At our practice, we love to over-educate our patients about what to expect with our procedures, so let’s take a look at these myths below:

Myth #1 – Root canals are painful.

Fact – It is not the process of completing a root canal that is painful, it is the active infection in your tooth giving you the pain. Our dentists make sure you are completely numb and comfortable before they perform any step of the root canal process. Having a root canal done should not be painful, and our doctors take pride in eliminating pain and keeping you stress-free during this procedure.

Myth #2 – The dentist removes the root of the tooth when completing this procedure.

Fact – We do not remove the actual root of the tooth when performing a root canal. In fact, the nerve and any active infection are removed, and a sealed filling is placed. Removing the nerve and infection typically resolves any pain or swelling you feel and allows you to keep the tooth for years afterward.

Myth #3 – I have had a root canal fail in the past, so they don’t work.

Fact – Root canals have a very high percentage of success. Although rare, failures happen when the nerve spaces get re-infected by bacteria. If a patient does experience a failure, it does not downgrade the chances of the success of future root canals on other teeth. Root canals offer the patient a great way to eliminate infections and keep a natural tooth in your mouth.

If we don't treat an active infection, swelling can occur, or the tooth can break, leaving no option but extraction. Often the above myths keep someone from seeking root canal treatment, and we hope that these clarifications help you feel more comfortable about your root canal appointment with our dentist.

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