Once you become a patient at East Market Family Dental, our team will strive to keep your teeth healthy and intact. Sometimes, however, a tooth breaks down or causes pain and needs to be removed.

If this occurs, our dentists are qualified to remove your tooth for you at our office while trying to keep the appointment comfortable and stress-free. All of our treatment options will be thoroughly explained to you before having a tooth extracted

Infection Can Lead to Extraction

If a tooth becomes infected, pain and swelling can occur in your mouth. This happens when bacteria reach the nerve of your tooth and infect it. If this is the case, our doctors will often recommend a root canal to keep the tooth in your mouth.

If we cannot save the tooth with root canal therapy, we will recommend a dental extraction. Extractions are necessary to remove the source of infection from your body.  If left untreated, swelling can occur and circulate throughout the rest of your body.

The Extraction Appointment

During your appointment, our team will work to make your extraction appointment as pain-free and comfortable as possible.  Before any work, you will be given an anesthetic to make the tooth and gum tissue completely numb.

Our dentists WILL NOT work on your tooth if you are not numb.  You will always be in control of the appointment and will be adequately numb while the dentist removes the tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Third molars or “wisdom” teeth are the last teeth in the mouth to erupt and can sometimes cause gum or tooth issues when coming in. 

Sometimes there is not enough room for wisdom teeth to erupt.  Also, wisdom teeth are in the very back of your mouth and are difficult to keep clean long term. Gum tissue that grows over these teeth is prone to trapping food and getting infected.

For this reason, Drs. Adam or Christina may recommend having these teeth extracted to prevent future problems.  Although many extractions will be completed in our office, most wisdom teeth will be referred to a qualified Oral Surgeon for removal.

Options for Tooth Replacement

Following a tooth extraction, our doctors will provide you with several options to replace the teeth. Although tooth replacement is not always necessary, most of our patients are interested in options to replace their smile and chewing ability. Any questions you have about each treatment option will be thoroughly discussed prior to extracting your teeth. See our pages: Implants, Fillings, Crowns and Bridges, Dentures and Partials for more information on replacement options at our office.

Are you in need of having a tooth extracted?  Delaying this decision could result in pain and/or swelling. Call our office today, and our team will make your extraction experience as comfortable as possible!